There are a number of application areas where the pharma equipments are needed. K J Pharma Tech is the leading manufacturer of an ample variety of stainless steel products which are useful in industries that deal with pharmaceutical applications. The range of products we offer consist of clean room furniture, change room accessories, tablet division, sterile and injection division, packaging division, general equipments and lab furniture.
Clean Room Furniture in Oman
There are 43 cities and 11 governorates in Oman. Some of them are Ad Dakhiliyah, Ad Dhahirah, Al Buraimi, Dhofar, Muscat, Adam, As Sib, Bahla, Barka, Bidbid, Ibra, Ibri, Jabrin, etc. The client can select the most suitable product from the wide assortment of choice we present to them. They can buy them at the most economic price range and specifications meeting their requirement. KJ Pharma Tech is the leading industry in the domestic and international market as most prominent manufacturer of stainless steel pharma equipments. The wide range of products that we offer is a result of the hard work of our excellent and highly skilled workforce who handles each process executed in the industry. This extensive range of products is made in accordance to the industry standards to accurately suit the requirements of the world. The range of stainless steel products we make consists of pharma furniture, clean room and change room furniture, trolley, rack, cabinet, etc. These products are offered in a number of specifications to perfectly fit in the application area. We provide them in the standard as well as customized features and specifications.
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